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Feng Shui Front Doors For The Home

Feng shui focuses a great deal on the energies that flow within us and the spaces around us. When applied to home design, the front door is considered as one of the prime ways in which these energies are accepted or rejected into a house.

The front door is like the mouth of the home. What is allowed into that mouth comes into the home, much like someone eating a meal. And like food, some energies are good for the body and others are not so tasteful.

This is why its important to chose a front door that is aesthetically appealing and makes you feel safe. These are the characteristics that will help to filter the energies that come into the home.

Feng shui also advises that the front door should also be larger than other doors inside the house. If it is not, feng shui warns of problems with relationships, marriage, and emotional control.

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