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Catwalk Shorts And Grey Textures

Recently the catwalks have seen plenty of seventies style thigh grazers, a sporty look for some wearable summer shorts. Its a big trend this summer and one that will probably last even a little longer.

Many shorts were exactly knee length, tailored without a turn-up and pressed with a crease or cut from something more breathable, such as silk. Patterns were also used on some shorts, but navy was the most common colour there, worn with the summer’s essential anorak.

Summer is usually a time for an explosion of colour, not least on the catwalks. But this spring, designers seemed to decide on a more subtle palette, namely grey tones and shades. Its already a common colour, there’s no doubt about that, but how you wear it can transform it into something unique. Varying shades upon patterns of grey can be worn in unison to create a look that’s textured, but toned down.

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