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Getting Interior Decorating Right The First Time

If you happen to be the kind of person who likes to get things right the first time, then testing out interior decorating ideas is a great way to experiment, as well as avoid stress, when decorating a home.

Many professional designers like to do just that, and test their visions beforehand. Before hanging art Kristan Cunningham builds paper templates from brown construction paper and hangs them on different parts of the wall.

Allowing the decorator to know if she or he likes the placement before making any physical (and possibly irreversible) changes is just one of the many advantages to testing ideas. When upholstering a chair for example, do a “mock job” by draping fabric over each cushion and fashioning it to the legs.

By testing each design for a few days you can gauge your full reaction to the change. Luckily, home goods stores usually comply with sample requests and returns. After all, these are big, permanent decisions.

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