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The benefits of half lap cladding

Half lap cladding has certain advantages compared with other types of decorative cladding for commercial and residential buildings. The main goal in creating such structures is high-quality thermal insulation of the bearing walls (of the structure) and the withdrawal of condensate formed before it can adversely affect the surface of the walls.

The main difference from new technologies

The main difference of mounted ventilation from other exterior finishes is the creation of an air gap between the thermal insulation layer or a vapor-permeable membrane (if used) and the outer facing material. At the same time, the air inside the gap is constantly in motion, and that is what gave the name of the structure – the half lap cladding

The advantages of such a system are obvious, the movement of air masses allows for ventilation of the structure. As a result, the resulting condensate droplets are brought out. And this suggests that within the system does not begin the formation of mold and further destruction of the insulation and the bearing wall of the structure.

Opportunity to implement design solutions

The possibility of choosing a decorative material allows you to perform the most intricate designs. When installing a half lap cladding, the following types can be used as a cladding material:

  • Natural, and also artificial stone
  • composite materials
  • metal cassettes
  • the boards made of a natural tree (euro lining, a block house, imitation of a bar and so on).

A wide choice of cladding material gives certain advantages of using such structures for high-quality and competent modification of the appearance of the building. With their help, almost any old building can be turned into an intricate building with an interesting architectural solution. Moreover, all previous visible defects and minuses of surfaces in the form of deviations from the plane in the horizontal and vertical direction, as well as the impaired integrity of the old finish, are hidden by the design subsystem.

At observance of all technological requirements, the half lap cladding system can significantly reduce the cost of heating bills due to an increase in the coefficient of thermal insulation of the walls. A good result of the work performed will let you know about yourself both in summer and in the cold season. In the heat of the house will be cool, and in winter, on the contrary – much warmer.

One of the important factors affecting this can be called the absence of “cold bridges”, fragments of walls used in construction, which reduce thermal conductivity and affect the formation of condensate. These include the following:

  • Window and door concrete floors;
  • gas pipes running through the wall;
  • interfloor reinforced concrete slabs (when finishing the facades of high-rise buildings);
  • bridges transmitted through ventilation brackets to the anchor.

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