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What are domed flat roof lights?

Nowadays, homes, buildings, and many other structures are built with flat roofs. The term flat roof is actually a little inappropriate because noroof is constructed completely flat! This is because drainage systems require a slope in order for the water to drain properly. For this reason, many refer to this type of roof as low-slope roof.

This type of roof is popular especially to business owners because compared to pitched roof, it’s cost-effective. Only few materials are needed to
build it, making it cheaper to install. Most buildings require heating and cooling equipment. Installing this equipment at ground level poses security and safety challenges. Industrial machineries like air-condition are best mounted on flat roofs.

Although it’s beneficial in saving some cash, flat roof also has its disadvantages. Because the roof has low-slope, it requires more maintenance, like making sure that seals are tight enough to prevent leak problems. If the drainage system isn’t effective, rainwater and melting snow could accumulate, add weight to the roof, and eventually cause damage. Another downside is that rooms that have this kind of roof receives very minimal natural light. A solution for this is installing flat roof lights.

The sun is an infinite resource of clean renewable energy. Aside from being a source of natural light, it also provides various benefits. There is nothing more remarkable than being able to lay down on your floor, and watch the white clouds hover on the blue sky. Apart from this, exposure to natural light gives health benefits such as good metabolism and healthy bones and muscles. Roof lights generally promotes good mood and good health.

Roof lights provide easy access to the flat roof. You can easily go out in case you need to do some maintenance. The open access also makes the room more hospitable by allowing the release of warm air.

Private spaces like bedrooms and bathrooms must be secured from the sight of other occupants. Because structures are being constructed near each other, access to natural light while preserving the privacy of others is becoming a problem. Roof lights can easily provide a solution to that. It is possible to enjoy the benefits of the sun while preserving your privacy because it will be installed in the flat roof where there is lack of angle, giving no chance to others from peering.

Roof lights have different types and one of them is the domed flat roof light. Domed roof lights also have different types. One is the polycarbonate roof dome, which is popular for residential and commercial buildings because of its affordability. It’s 250 times more durable than glass. Should your roof dome suffer an extreme impact, it will not break. The other type is the flat glass roof dome. It’s more expensive than polycarbonate dome because it has an interior glass, undisputable durability, and is more pleasing to the eye. Apart from the aesthetics that roof lights provide in a room, the more important benefit it provides are the health-related ones. No matter what your intention is, having a roof light in your room or office is a good thing in general.

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