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Elegant Home Interior Trends – Luxe and Glamour

Luxe and Glamour

Copper treated metals and rose gold copper are some of the textures adorning the decorative objects in the luxe and glamour trend.  A chic and edgy style, with a touch of subtle attitude that sets it apart from some of the other styles of the past year.

Combining this with botanic garden inspired designs, brining flora and fauna into the living room is a fantastic way to bring imagery into a room. These vegetative patterns also work well on fabrics and patterns, bringing nature-inspired designs to other surfaces.

Furniture emblazoned with moss-green, fern prints and insect markings is also characteristic of this trend. Also distinctive on furniture are pebble shades and wooden pieces. These compliment the imagery and work well with accessories that stand out on their own.

Set on a background of grey and black walls. These patterns and motifs spark the room into a unique decoration.

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