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Female fashion trends for Winter 2018

There are different categories of female fashions trending especially in the UK for Winter 2018. These fashions include tights, pants, fur, and hijab among others.

Trending Tights

There are three types of tights trending for Winter 2018 namely polka dot tights, fishnet tights, and colour opaque tights. These tights can perfect style up your winter wears.

Faux fur vest

You can style it up with black leather pant, or go for a wrap with a simple dress, especially for Winter wedding. You may as well choose to wear fur with funky sneakers or pair with an LBD, and booties.

Palazzo pants

These pants are fit for many body shapes. The moment you put them up on your body these pants would make you look very classy and cultured. They are so elegant. The pants are very comfortable like skirts and dresses.


These hijabs include the denim jackets, the puffer jackets, the suede jackets, the aviator jackets, the biker jackets, the blazer jackets, and the faux fur jackets. These trends work for every occasion during the Winter and they are highly trending.

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