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Tie A Bow Tie In Seven Easy Steps

Don’t know how to make a bow tie? Well you’re in luck, as we have broken the process down into seven easy steps. We’ve referred to both ends as A & B to make it all easier to understand.

1) Put the bow around your neck and make sure that A is approximately 4 cm’s lower than B.

2) Then bring A across the front of B and point it downwards. Bring end A around and then behind B to form a loop.

3) Bring A through the loop and tighten, but of course make sure it’s not too tight around your neck.

4) Bring end B level with knot and fold to produce a bow shape.

5) Pull end A down and then over end B. Make sure that the thin part of A hangs down the middle of end B.

6) Put end A around and behind B and then fold A so it forms a bow shape.

7) Bring A up and through the front of the new knot, making sure bow A sits on top of bow B.

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