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The Perfect Pair Of Classic Sunglasses

Wearing sunglasses is too easy. They go with many different looks and work well with whatever mood your in. There’s an endless amount of frames to chose from too, so picking the right pair pretty much only comes down to a matter of preference.

Which is good since to make the most of sunglasses it’s best to have multiple pairs, each of which are suited to different looks and moods. A great example of classic sunglasses styling are Cat-eye sunglasses. These are perfect for those days where you want to show some artistic flair. Add a head-scarf and you have an instant 1950s look

You’ve surely seen wayfarers worn somewhere before. These are great for everyday looks and while they are seemingly over-sized, the big round shades are spot-on for when you want to look a little trendier or want to go more incognito.

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