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Tips For Rug Maintainance

Using a rug is a great way to decorate a room, as well as add a piece of functional domestic apparel that will keep your feet warm through the colder months. However rugs need some maintaineance for them to remain in top condition, afterall they are walked over almost every day.

When cleaning a rug its recomended to use a cylinder cleaner as they tend to be more gentle than an upright. If you only have an upright available be sure to use the tool attachments as they are gentler on the pile

Hand-spun yarn rugs tend to shed early after being placed in a room. So may need to be tidied up until they have shed their loose fibres.

Try and keep rugs out of the sun for long periods of time by moving them around the room. This helps to stop them from fading in the sunlinght.


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