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Hair Styles For School Children

When deciding what hairstyle to give your child for school, it can be difficult and challenging. You ideally want to choose something that is going to last them all day, so they will stay looking presentable throughout the entire school day.

But, what are some of the best hairstyles to use on your primary school children.

Pony Tail
One of the most commonly used hairstyles for primary school girls is a classic ponytail. This simply involves putting all of their hair back into a single bobble. This creates a section of hair that looks much like a ponytail. This keeps their hair out of their face and should stay looking neat all day long.

Pig Tails
Similarly to a ponytail, pigtails create two smaller tails on either side of the child’s head. For this you will need two hair bobbles, these should be the thinner kind. You will split the hair into two sections and put each section into its own bobble, creating the two pigtails. This will keep the hair out of their eyes and should stay looking neat all day.

French Plaits
This is one kind of hairstyle that is bound to keep your child looking presentable all day as well as keeping their hair out of their eyes. This hairstyle requires more skill to complete, but it does look the best out of them all.

The final hairstyle we find perfect for school children is a bun. This will only work well for children who have long enough hair that it is able to wrap around itself. This creates a neat looking piece of work on top of their head that is in the shape of a doughnut. Perfect for those who do not like the tickling of a ponytail or plait.

These are just a few of the hairstyles that we have found work best for primary school children. The hairstyles that will keep them looking tidy and presentable throughout the school day.

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