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Can You Wear A Gamer T-Shirt Yet?

A gamer T-shirt is usually the symbol of the mega-nerd, the legendary man who lives in his parents basement with but a computer for entertainment, cheesos for nourishment and mountain dew for hydration.

However, like the nerd who got teased in high school, getting revenge by becoming a millionaire with his brain power. Video games are becoming quite the cultural phenomenon, with its popularity only increasing, even girls are getting into what once did not even warrant a fleeting thought from a female.

Many people play games now, its ok. Celebrities play games, you even see people playing them on TV and there are even entire crappy films based on them which nobody realises were actually video games anyway.

Minecraft for example is a video game. Everyone knows about minecraft, kids even play it on tablets, so a minecraft T-shirt wouldn’t be so far feteched as a kids TV show t-shirt.

So by that measure, yes you can wear a gamer T-shirt now and not be looked at too strangely.

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