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Light Knitwear for mild weather

We’re currently at the stage where the weather is okay; it’s not exactly hot but it’s not exactly cold either. Cardigans can take away the bite of the wind, but they won’t be too have either, especially if you opt for a nice light cotton.

Knit cardigans are more suited to winter, but spring is often about having something to throw over your shoulders when the chill arrives, and light sweaters, cardigans or nylon tops can be ideal. Short sleeve tops made of cotton can also be a nice option and they can provide more warmth than a typical polyester t-shirt.

If you’re not quite ready to wear a vest and not prepared to throw on a jacket, then you may want to consider light knitwear. There are plenty of many different options out there and the good thing is they can be easily folded and placed in a bag if the sunshine does beam strong.

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