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Spring and Summer Fashion Trend Predictions – 2023 Edition

We are well in the swing of 2023, Spring and Summer are fast approaching us. So, what are some of the fashion trends we can expect to see this year?

Pastel’s Galore 

Long gone are the days of 2022 enjoying bright Fuschia colours in everything. 2023 is all about the extreme opposite. In these spring and summer seasons, we can expect to see pastels making a huge comeback. So, if you are looking to buy clothes in preparation for this summer, go for the more dull downed pastel choices, unless you want to stand out of course.

Low Rise Trousers 

For quite some time trousers have been stuck in the fashion of high-waisted and mum jeans. But now, this year we are expecting to see the comeback of low-rise trousers, more specifically jeans. Low-rise and hipster jeans are likely to be the go-to option this year, providing comfort and fashion for this summer. You are also likely to see low-rise shorts being worn over high-rise shorts.

Sheer Clothing 

During the latter part of 2022, we saw the fashion world introducing to use of sheer clothing. This took most people by surprise, but fashion experts and teens across the world loved it, they loved this new and unusual trend. Therefore, sheer clothing is something we can expect to see being enjoyed way into the spring and summer of 2023. The most popular sheer clothing styles are jumpers that are paired with a gorgeous vest or bralette underneath. Some guys also wear sheer tops with nothing underneath to make a real statement.

Small Handbags 

The world went through a phase where everything was bigger, this included bigger handbags. Well, now we are taking a step make to small party-style handbags. You are likely to see many women and girls walking around with smaller handbags that can barely fit anything in. These small bags are cute and quite the fashion statement, but it may make some people wonder where exactly everything you need is fitting.

Heart Detailing 

Another fashion trend we are predicting for 2023 is heart detailing. Everything in fashion currently is all about the small details. We are expecting hearts to have a huge impact on the fashion industry. With many fashion shows already feature heart motifs on their clothing lines. We can expect to see these hit high-street stores in time for the spring and summer months.

Ombre Style 

Over the past few years we in the fashion industry have gone through many fashion styles. We have seen the time of tie-dying, but now it is time for ombre. A different dying technique that we are predicting is to see where the fabric goes from light to dark or one colour to another. We are expecting to see this on most clothing items but especially dresses and t-shirts in a pin and orange ombre style.

So, that’s our list for the spring and summer of 2023 fashion trend predication. If it goes how we are expecting, our wardrobes are in for a huge shock as new colours and styles re-enter the styling mix.

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