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Using The Right Plants Around The Home

House plants are a fantastic way to bring freshness into a room, without investing in expensive decorations. However, not all house plants are the same, with different plants best suited to different rooms of the home.

The Kitchen

In the kitchen herbs are a traditional and functional choice. The herbs themselves can be used as ingredients and a combination of different herb types can be visually striking. Ferns are also a popular choice for the more humid environment.

The Living Room

The living room is usually a warmer part of the home so plants that are suited to this type of environment are recommended. Anything that’s ornate and in tune with the rest of the decor will always look great. Philodendron, begonia and cacti are good choices.

The Bedroom 

For the bedroom spider plants and rubber trees are great. They have been shown to boost moods and decrease stress and anxiety, perfect for a peaceful place of rest.

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