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Choosing The Right Necklace To Wear

The right necklace can bring an outfit up to the next level, sometimes just a large necklace can transform a plain outfit into something special. Choosing the best necklace to wear often comes down to how much of an impact you want to make with your outfit.

Go Big Or Go Small

Particularly large necklaces can make a big statement, often they are the only accessory that’s needed especially with a dress or shirt. If you decide to go big, combining it with bold patterns can work beautifully.

Smaller necklaces can make a subtle impact. A good example is a brightly coloured necklace worn on a grey shirt. Small necklaces can also be combined with bracelets of a similar style and colour. A few bracelets and a necklace worn on a dark, long sleeve top can be all an outfit needs.

A statement necklace can revamp an entire outfit, so be bold, but be smart when choosing one.

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