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Understanding Vegan Fashion – The Pros and Cons

Veganism is something that is currently taking the world by storm. We all know the eating side of veganism where vegans simply will not eat products that come from animals. This includes meat and milk products. But there is another side to Veganism that is more extreme and it comes in the sense of what we wear. Some extreme Vegans will only wear vegan-friendly fashion, which means the items can not be made from any animal materials. But, what are the benefits and disadvantages of vegan fashion?

The Benefits of Vegan Fashion

One of the main benefits you are going to find when you decide to go for Vegan fashion is that it is cruelty-free. By this, we mean that no animals are going to be harmed or tested in the making of these products. You can be assured that by investing in vegan fashion, animals are being protected and treated how animals should be and not used in any way.

Another benefit you will find of vegan fashion is they are still high-quality. Some people do worry that when choosing alternative fashion items and brands the quality is going to decrease. This is not the case for vegan fashion as they do tend to have the same quality standards, if not higher, than the animal product alternative.

The final benefit we want to share with you surrounding vegan fashion is how environmentally friendly they are. The process of using vegan materials to make vegan fashion, like vegan leather, does have a significantly lower impact on the environment. Whilst it isn’t completely clear, it does leave a smaller carbon footprint than ordinary leather would. Making it the better option for those who are conscious about the environment.

The Disadvantages of Vegan Fashion 

Of course, when it comes to Vegan fashion, it is not all going to be positive. There are some disadvantages that you are going to need to consider.

One of the main disadvantages we have found when researching vegan fashion, like vegan leather is that it is made from a non-renewable source. This means that there is going to come a time that it can no longer be made. Being made from a non-renewable source is not good and does have a greater impact on the environment than what the oil is being used for.

Another disadvantage of vegan fashion is how the material acts. When it comes to vegan fashion, many vegan material alternatives do not act the same way as the natural materials would. This is most common with leather vs vegan leather as you can find that vegan leather is less breathable and less flexible. This can make it difficult for those trying the make the switch from animal leather to vegan leather.

After looking into the positives and negatives of vegan fashion, it is ultimately going to come down to you and what you think is best for your views. Vegan fashion isn’t going to be for everyone and it is going to be challenging to get used to.

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