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Stone Furniture for Indoors and Outdoors

Stone furniture is a great way to bring a robust, solid piece of functional design to the home. They can be used indoors or outdoors, but more commonly used outside.

If you do decide to use stone furniture outdoors then one of the great advantages is that the seats warm up in the sun. Stone benches and seats will hold heat in them for many hours, even if the sun has set. Giving you heated outdoor seats without the extra cost, weather permitting of course.

Stone furniture used indoors makes a bold decorative statement. A medieval feeling can be brought to any living room with a large decorative stone fireplace. Or a modern monolithic feeling with a minimal stone television display stand and coffee table.

Indoors or outdoors stone furniture requires minimal maintenance and lasts forever. They are heavy and should be considered if you have children, but nonetheless a stylish statement piece for the home.


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