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Runway Inspired Fashion for Fall

With the major fashion shows having shown off their goods, now is the time to stop and assess just what is worth wearing.

Here are some ideas, inspired by those very shows, to help you stay stylish through the fall.

Fall Fur

Mink, fox, and Mongolian lamb furs were shown off on the runways. On everything from prim double-breasted coats to evening dresses.

Eighties Revival

The glamour of the eighties is on its way back. With glitzy sequin cocktail dresses and bold and brash Memphis colours.

The Basic Blouse

From high, Victorian frilled collars to waiter-inspired bow ties. Keeping it simple with a white blouse is a deceptively alluring look. Ruffled sleeves and sheer thrills were some of the highlights of the runways.

Interior Design

Designers took inspiration from a range of wallpaper and home décor designs. Referencing fabrics and motifs that usually find their home in a chic living room.

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