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Men’s Scarves Guide

With the winter months drawing to a close, the time to wear a scarf in 2015 may be slowly slipping away. So why not give it a shot, if you haven’t already.

Use this brief overview and go for a trendy scarf to see these cold months off in style.

Types of Scarves

Standard Scarves, usually made of wool, silk or cotton, rectangular in shape and generally 60 – 70 inches long and 15 – 25 inches wide.

Square Scarves are typically worn in Arabic countries. They are wrapped around the head to protect the wearer from sun exposure, but work great as a stylish scarf too.

Pashmina Scarves. These are typically longer than average scarfs. The scarves originate from Nepal, Pakistan and Northern India.

Snoods. These are basically long rings of fabric, the easiest scarf to wear as there is no specific way of tying it, simply wrap it around your neck.


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