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How To Buy A Raincoat

With summer coming in it’s not on everyone’s mind to be shopping for a raincoat. But if you do happen to be in this predicament there are some things to remember when browsing the stores for one.

Wear your favourite suit or jacket when trying on different raincoats. You will be sure that it fits over them when trying on raincoats and you will be able to spot any bulky areas if it doesn’t quite fit.

Find out what the coat is made of. Make sure to check if the coat is waterproof or not and look to see if it is made of quality materials such as waxed cotton or gore-tex.

A raincoat is designed to cover you from the rain, so it doesn’t necessarily have to be bulky or insulated. Search for a coat that suits this purpose effectively. If you are looking for something warm, a parka hat and gloves will better suit your needs.

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