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Types Of Bags And Their Uses

Bags are a woman’s best friend, with them always being used and owning a large amount of different bags. But what are the different types of bags, and what are they being used for?

Across Body Bag
This is a smaller type of bag which is worn across your body. These are used when heading out and only needing a small selection of items. They are ideal for carrying your phone and purse. These are not useful for overnight stays.

Shoulder Bag
These are a larger version of the across body bag, which you carry around on your shoulder. They are good for heading out shopping so you can carry any purchases none bag. These can also be used for a single overnight stay.

Overnight Bag
This type of bag is used for exactly what their names state, the perfect overnight bag. These are much larger than the other bags discusses, allowing you to have lots of space to pack for your stay.

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