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How much cash do you carry? Is it time for a slim card case?

The time has come to close the chapter on the bulky, oversized wallet and move on to a slim card case. People are starting to realize it’s not as useful or comfortable as they think. It’s time we got over this thing with “what if I need cash?” We don’t any more! Let’s leave those big-ole’ wallets in our rearview mirror along with cassette tapes, VCRs, microwaves that open up, and typewriters. Cash is fading and so should your meaty wallet! After you read this article you’re going to remember what it was like when cash was king and wonder why you ever put up with carrying around all that unused plastic just for nostalgia sake.

Why is cash on the decline?

Cash looks to be on the decline in certain countries, with a move being made towards a contactless society. There are many reasons why people use cash and one of the main reasons is its convenience. People like carrying it as they have total control over their money – they can see it, feel it and spend it (or not) as they please.

This is exactly why slim card cases are ideal. Slim card cases are lightweight and make it easy to pull out a card the moment you need it. When we were looking for reasons why people should consider getting one, we realised that most of the information online tends to be based on the lack of cash, but what about payments by phone which are just as popular? Well, fortunately, you can now combine both and have a phone holder which features a slip pocket for cards, however, this is not ideal in many ways, because if you lose one (or have it stolen from you) you have absolutely no way to access your cash!

This is why we have realised that some people might be better off with a slim card case rather than using their phone holder to hold cash instead. This means you can keep your valuables close to you (in an armband or concealed in clothing) plus it makes getting out your cards as easy as pulling them from a normal wallet. It also makes life much easier for travellers, because no longer will they need to use money exchange services or get expensive foreign currency banknotes just so they can have emergency cash on hand. We know this sounds revolutionary, but many people don’t realise how popular this idea could actually become! Slim cases are secure and look good too!

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