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Double Denim – Breaking the Rules of Fashion

It can really take a lot of courage to break the rules of fashion, especially the ‘double denim’ look. It’s well known in the fashion industry that double denim doesn’t work and it hasn’t worked since the cowboy days, and even then there was often leather to split it up.

While it does take courage, it must be said that 2014 could be the year for double denim, with many celebrities already plucking up the courage, and it may be the one year where it is time to break the rules of fashion.

Double denim has always been a risky look, and many people will object to wearing to forms of denim at once, especially a denim jacket and trousers, but it’s a look that will attract attention, and it may just prompt more people to wear it, so if you have the courage why not give it a go, even if it is for one day.

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