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Why is reclaimed wood so popular these days?

Reclaimed wood seems to be everywhere nowadays. Almost every corner you turn there is some furniture or establishment with reclaimed wood as part of the construction material. Could it be that we are running out of trees or is there some other reason behind people embracing this type of wood? Why is reclaimed wood so popular these days?

1. Distinction

The chances are that you noticed the reclaimed wood wherever you saw it because it stood out. That is one of the reasons it is so popular – its uniqueness or conspicuousness. Reclaimed wood is different in style and feel; its inclusion in a design makes it exceptional. People like special things and if reclaimed wood makes their things special, why should they look any further?

2. Durability and Endurance

Reclaimed wood is an excellent material for home and office furniture, as well as areas that demand a firm material on buildings. Most reclaimed wood is decades old, possibly even more than a century old. It is likely wood from trees that grew slowly, a process that makes the wood very strong and durable. In addition, reclaimed wood has been tried and tested by the agents of time (extremely high and low temperatures) and survived.

All the processes reclaimed wood has gone through make it a very stable and reliable building material. Therefore, besides being aesthetically pleasing, reclaimed wood creates structures and furniture that will last for ages and that will withstand different kinds of pressure.

3. Thinking Green

Well, it is possibly true that we are running out of trees, and using reclaimed wood is a good alternative to cutting fresh trees for building and construction. Trees require time and a slow and steady growth process. Using premature trees for building and construction will result in unstable and weak structures.

Hence, using reclaimed wood prevents us from cutting more trees unnecessarily, which helps in preserving the integrity of the environment and reinforcing good climate. Moreover, reclaimed wood is far much more mature and reliable as a building material on account of the former point (durability and endurance).

Furthermore, even if a tree has matured enough to be fell and used for building and construction, its lumber still needs time (several years) for the extraction of moisture and air, for it to be a stable building material. Reclaimed wood has already served that time and it is more than ready to go.

You can see that reclaimed wood has many qualifications as a building material. Items made of reclaimed wood are unique in terms of aesthetics and are both durable and reliable. Moreover, using reclaimed wood for building and construction helps in preserving the environment. Now you know!

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