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What are trifold wallets and why are they so popular?

Trifold wallets are very popular for obvious reasons. You get extra space for credit cards, debit cards, membership cards, IDs, notes and coins (in some cases) but it all folds up nicely, sitting snug in the pocket. Trifold wallets are a godsend for people that want more than the standard 2 pockets of your regular wallet.

Though there is still confusion over what trifold actually means, it really is quite simple. A trifold wallet has three folds in its structure (hence the name). Because this style has been around since the late 1920s, you can make one out of any material you like, leather or fabric for example. The typical trifold wallet is made from leather (side note: some men’s leather goods are sold as “tri-folds” but they don’t actually have 3 folds), which gives them their durability whilst keeping them relatively light and thin.

Of course, most people buy high-quality trifold wallets from fashion brands and leathermakers. Trifold wallets are best for people who want functionality over size. Even though this wallet is larger than alternatives, it comes with many benefits such as being better suited for storing credit cards and cash.

That’s not to say that all trifold wallets are bulky — that’s not the case. Some trifold wallets are compact and made for people who want to go out without having a lot of space in their pocket. These trifold wallets are meant to be able to store everything you need at the same time, rather than separating your cash from your cards — like most bi-fold and tri-fold wallets do. The main advantage of this type of wallet is that it usually has a compartment where you can store all kinds of papers, notes or even train tickets too. It’s best designed for someone who goes out with a regular daily routine, extremely useful when travelling due to its size and number of compartments which allow you to have everything organized in one place.

Furthermore, trifold wallets are also very durable whether that’s with real leather or vegan leather, so long as you choose a top-quality manufacturer.

For a long time, trifold wallets have been the standard wallet style for most people. And there’s nothing surprising about that since it combines three features in one:

A tri-fold wallet usually has three big compartments: two pockets on the sides and one bigger compartment which can store bills, cards or even receipts at the back. Overall, this design gives you plenty of space for storing items plus more flexibility. The large pocket on the front of a tri-fold is better than any money clip when it comes to holding larger amounts as well as keeping things organized. It’s all too easy for cash or receipts to get lost down narrow slits in money clips also!

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