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Summer Style Tips For Men (Part 2)

Avoid t-shirts that do too much

Tops with slogans on are corny. Yep we said it! If you’re wearing one right now, it’s okay we don’t judge you. But summer time and self-expression t-shirts do not work. Go for a simple white t-shirt, especially if you’re wearing a jacket also.

Go to the barbers more often

Want to impress the females? Ask them what they notice in a man and we guarantee ‘hair’ will come up. It’s the most important time of your for hair styles, so you cannot be slacking! Three weeks is the maximum your summer time hair cut should last.


Stop relying on flip-flops being your summer shoes. No, just don’t do it! They belong at the beach and that’s it. There are loads of options available, think low-top sneakers or a pair of boat shoes.

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