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Summer Fashion Trends For 2020

With lockdown easing, it’s time to start thinking about our fashion again! So what styles are coming into fashion for summer 2020.

Puffed sleeves are one fashion statement which is coming back this season. These are either focused up on your shoulder or can be more gradual down your arm to your wrist. You will be sure to see people rocking this style.

Another style heading our way is metallic leathers. They can be seen on jackets, trousers and bags. You will be seeing hints of this everywhere. Metallic leather will be adding a splash of colour and shine to your outfit this summer.

Finally, mesh and sheer layers will be making an appearance. You will see people rocking sheer layers over their bras or vests. Wear a statement bra, but give yourself some dignity by covering it slightly yet it can still be seen. This is a trend younger women are going to love.

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