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Organising a complete Summer Wardrobe

The change from spring to summer is a big one, especially in terms of fashion, but it could now be time to really get yourself organised, ensuring your wardrobe is entirely designed for summer. We’re really heading into the peak months of hot weather now in the UK, and while the odd jacket or hoody can be beneficial, you’re largely going to be in summer wear like shorts and t-shirts.

Thick jumpers, big coats, woolly hats and other forms of knitwear are just not needed, and filling your wardrobe with vests, t-shirts, shorts, and swimwear can be advantageous. There are likely to be a few rainy days but the fact is winter is gone, and it’s not coming around again until October/ November, so make your life easier with an entirely summer wardrobe. You’ll save a great deal of space too, while many people pack up their winter wear, and store it under the bed or in the loft out of the way.

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