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Finding The Right Shoe To Match Any Coloured Suit

Yes black shoes are the classic touch and they work very well, but times are changing and colour is in.  Now the next problem is, how can you match a different coloured shoe with an array of coloured suits. Well we thought about this and did some testing. Below are our results, we hope this helps.

If you’re wearing a navy blue suit, there’s three different coloured shoes which can work well. Black, brown and red/burgundy go very well. You may think blue is a good choice, but it’s too close in terms of contrast.

For grey suits, we recommend black or brown shoes. Brown shoes are more suited for a more casual look, whilst black is more formal.

When wearing a brown suit, then we found that brown and red/burgundy shoes work best. Of course if the shade of your brown shoe is the same as your suit, then it won’t look right, so avoid that! We recommend having the shade of brown darker on your shoe.

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