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Dressing for a Spring Prom

There are going to be many different proms around the corner, especially with the university years coming to a close. There are certain issues with spring proms though, and you can’t exactly turn up wearing a full-on ball gown.

Don’t worry though because there are still plenty of options. Metallic dresses can provide a real sense of style, and they’re not usually big and bulky so you won’t have to drag around a long dress. Many people will opt for summer colours such as pastel shades, and these can also be ideal. You do have to remember that this is a formal occasion, and not any brightly coloured dress will do, it must look smart, and that’s why hints of silver are ideal, adding an element of sparkle.

An embellished chiffon dress is really great for proms and it is will be light and airy, while these often come in many different lengths. A dress like this with a smart pair of heel swill do the trick and you’re bound to find something online or at your local high street.

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